Stop Selling the Product if You Want to Sell More

People become buyers because of how a product and service makes them feel. The best commercials understand this. There is a magnificent commercial by Fisher-Price starring Jon Goodman that reflects this principle. 

In the commercial, Jon Goodman is walking through a life size Fisher-Price playland reflecting on what it feels like to age and put aside childhood and the fun that goes along with it. As he is walking, he is holding hands with his granddaughter, comforting the listeners that grandkids are the guides back to childhood and imagination. They end the commercial with a powerful, emotional, and effective message, “Let’s be kids!”

Click here to watch the commercial.

Fisher-Price could have gone a lot of directions with their marketing. They could have communicated about their long history of toy making, consumer satisfaction, and safety. Instead they chose to go after the hearts of the people with the money, grandparents

In doing so, they actually accomplished two marketing objectives. In a very creative way, this commercial reminded grandparents of Fisher-Price’s consistent history of providing safe fun for them as children. It also reminded them of their own children when they were growing up, and now they are here for the grandkids. They also activated a powerful cognitive bias in this commercial, the fear of missing out

The last thing a grandparent wants is to miss out on the lives of their grandchildren.

The executives at Fisher-Price understand that in order to be successful in sales, you must sell the need. People become buyers when they see the need for the product in their life. 

What about you? What are you selling? Are you selling the product…or are you selling the need for the product? What value will your customers receive if they do business with you? 

Take some time to answer these questions. If you do, you will connect with your clients’ needs and sell more policies.

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