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The Lesbian Stereotypes Research
was done in September of 2018 by
soliciting volunteer individuals via Autostraddle.com
. It is possible to
see an infographic displaying the class in our 12.3k survey participants right here.

In Season Among the many masterwork lesbian cultural touchstone ”
The L Term
,” Shane notifies Dana, a closeted football member with lamentable gaydar, that one of some ways to truthfully spot a lesbian is to view her nails — “are they long or short?” Alice follows this with “polished or basic?” which amazed myself, even during the time — it absolutely was my personal queer friends (and
Lindsay Lohan tbh
) just who got me personally
into nail enamel
in the first place and from now on i am dependent on manicures, very based on my personal sample size of two (myself and Lindsay Lohan Bisexual), I’m not sure exactly what Alice had been going for there. However, by the evident abnormality of my personal demand on nail hair salon to usually have mine slice “as brief as possible,” it can seem like longer fingernails tend to be more popular than short among the alleged “mainstream.”

It is not, however, the fact about the queer ladies society!

Shane Had Been Right: We Generally Hold Our Nails Small

On the Lesbian Stereotypes Survey, 92percent on the 12.3k respondents reacted affirmatively for the question “do you generally keep nails small?”, such as 95percent of lesbians and 95per cent of participants presently in a relationship with a cis woman.

Before 5percent of you @ myself, I wish to acknowledge that
really of course entirely possible to externally stimulate and finger-fuck some one with very long nails
. You may either be cautious (that you simply should probably do anyways!) you can also use gloves or, for extra defense, cotton-balls


gloves. “I’ll trim them down if my lover wants me to,” mentioned one survey-taker, “however if I can reconstruct an engine and construct a routine board all without fumbling anything or messying up my completely well-kept nails then you certainly should be aware of that I am not attending damage what you do not want us to.” That’s feminism, girls!

The Extended Together With Short Of It

Nevertheless — 200 of this 907 participants with lengthy fingernails remaining responses, and an important percentage of those commentary had been enlightening myself that it’s nothing like you retain


of one’s fingernails very long. Only… a lot of them. “My personal ‘fingering fingernails’ are small the rest tend to be very long,” said one, while another divulged they hold three short plus the various other seven flapping inside wind. “Just two back at my dominant hand,” mentioned another enthusiastic finger-fucker. Just one more recognized, “while I’m in interactions I usually have long nails on one hand, and short on the other.” Some bisexual ladies mentioned their own nail conduct ended up being impacted by the sex of their companion, e.g., “I am much less wary with length whenever unmarried or matchmaking a dude.”

Many others noted the current period of their particular nails reflected general “laziness” or which they would cut their fingernails when they happened to be screwing anyone but being that they aren’t, precisely why bother? Of these individuals, the relationship between keeping short fingernails and having lesbian sex seem inexorably linked. It is it?

The Nails / Gender Connection

“merely reducing your own nails once you have people to shag” is actually a thing — yet not a


common thing. 92.6percent of single folks keep their own fingernails short, just slightly less than the 92.8% of individuals who tend to be “unmarried and dating,” 92.9% that happen to be “dating some body not in the official commitment” or perhaps the 93.03percent who will be in a monogamous union. Least likely to hold itty-bitty nails? Those in non-monogamous relationships without a primary lover — merely 85.6% perform.

Issues around nail length and lesbian gender tend to concentrate primarily in the act of finger-fucking, so it is well worth discussing that not every lesbian sexual relationship requires fucking someone else’s pussy with your fingers — merely
32percent of covers on all of our tops/bottoms review like genital digital entrance
, like.

Some people tend to be online dating those who don’t possess vaginas (and certainly I know that anal digital penetration exists and is great but it’s in addition
maybe not nearly as common due to the fact front-hole tasks
), therefore really does appear to be performing this allows you to more likely to grow your nails — 84per cent of survey-takers in connections with cis males keep their own nails short, a full 11percent below those internet dating cis ladies. 86percent of those in relationships with trans ladies keep their own nails small — but countless trans females

carry out

have actually vaginas, with the intention that number, while fascinating to consider, is actually also… technically worthless and inconclusive.

Short Nail figures are a little lower for the people determining on the asexual range too — 88%, versus 93per cent of
. When it comes to intimate orientation amongst allosexuals especially, those identifying primarily as “gay” come out in addition short-list (97.5%), with lesbians (95percent), queers (93per cent), Sexually liquid people (86.4percent), bisexuals (86.3per cent) and pansexuals (85.8per cent). Having said that, around 10% of bi/pan individuals determine as “hard femme,” the sex speech almost certainly to feature much longer nails on our very own survey, versus merely 5per cent of lesbian and 4% of gay-identified men and women citing “hard femme” as resonant term for them.

My Nails Aren’t Long, I’m The Piano Guy

We’ll inform you what — there are countless other reasons to keep your nails small than because you would you like to push them inside someone’s snatch. For example, we’ve got at least 15 full orchestras taken into account about study. Truly, I’ve found entering to-be incredibly frustrating with very long nails, though I imagine men and women do it all enough time. By the way if you have fun with the guitar you have to have a few of your own fingernails quick additionally a number of your fingernails long, which made this concern frustrating for a lot of great acoustic friends.

Below are a few of the issues explained that you keep the nails small for BESIDES LESBIAN SEX OKAY:

  • to grip a pen much more conveniently
  • training mountaineering
  • “fine describing” whenever being employed as a sculptor
  • playing the: cello, violin, cello, clarinet, electric guitar ukelele, unspecified percussion instruments
  • pottery
  • boxing (“forming a fist with extended nails is actually painful”)
  • therapeutic massage
  • pole dancing
  • visiting the beach (“I dislike mud under my personal fingernails”)
  • becoming a “soups cook”
  • printmaking
  • being an electrician
  • being a nurse or a veterinarian or a midwife or perhaps doing work in the health field
  • playing sporting events
  • using the services of ponies
  • “maintain from unintentionally clawing my sight down”
  • entering and texting
  • planning a Montesorri class
  • farming
  • doing work in the sciences “with hefty equipment, dangerous chemicals, latex gloves, etc”

Other individuals had short fingernails due to nail-biting, sensory dilemmas, or perhaps a standard choice that has nothing at all anyway regarding sex, generally not very!!! As Kristen Stewart’s manicurist
as soon as mentioned of Kristen Stewart back 2012
, “She does not like the woman fingernails for too much time.”

Exactly Why The Lengthy Fingernails?

As with any lesbian stereotypes, there is a large number of sensitivities around how these area norms tend to be maintained. “I have long phony fingernails because I believe a lot more femme also it assists handle my personal
,” added another human being, “but additional queer females give me much crap because of it despite all of them posing no threat to genitals.”

Many of us perform reflexively flinch when considering long fingernails in our penile regions, and many especially cited
this information
that I should advise you was about a person who had a rhinestone-tipped French manicure. Also, small fingernails tends to be equally dangerous provided that if they are not easy and filed.

A lot of people
enjoy the sense of lengthy fingernails
and discover it vital on their identification. “I like the way in which different fingernails enable different kinds of touch and sensations,” wrote one. “I feel my personal most erotic with very long painted nails.”

their meet geek singles website

In Summary

Up until now, here is the a lot of extremely affirmed lesbian stereotype we’ve discussed — the possibilities that a queer lady or non-binary individual provides brief fingernails are really HIGH, and as a consequence Shane had been right, that I try to suggest takes place more frequently than numerous

L Word

cynics might disagree! But’s maybe not a sure thing, which’s probably why, after watching your woman-in-question from the globe features very long shiny nails, Shane does

maybe not

claim that this woman is straight, merely that this woman is “leaning towards right, yet still need more info.” Never ever believe anything, i assume!

Let me stop because of this motivational estimate:

“a short while ago I managed to get actually inside nail artwork pattern, and had long pointy nails. I became usually scared of wounding the girl in was setting up with at that time. IVE BROWSE THE POST OMG. I have them short now, for reasons which happen to be component laziness and component trying to alert queerness. I’m extremely femme, and I also always wish that my personal small, unpainted fingernails will contrast with the rest of my very groomed try looking in an easy method that looks intentional. God why is this a thing I invested so much time thinking about. We have no clue everything I’m performing using my life, let-alone my personal nails, I want to most likely take to a dating application or something.”

Prior to going!

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