2-Day Growth & Scale Bootcamp With Roger Short & John Wetmore

December 8-9, 2021
Atlanta, Georgia


Are you ready to experience massive growth in your business?

Do you want to see your company finally hit the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for?

Learn from the experts that were in your shoes just a few years ago and get ready to watch your business TAKE OFF.

This 2-Day Growth & Scale Boot Camp with Roger Short and John Wetmore is an immersive and collaborative training event designed to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the proven systems, winning methodologies, and multi-million dollar success structures built to take your business to the highest level. 

John Wetmore at SWAT
Roger Short at 8% Nation

Registration includes you and a guest.

At This Bootcamp, You and Your Guest Will Learn...

Plus Special Bootcamp Bonuses*

Only Available to First 10 Registrants – Act Now

“Roger Short and the Life Insurance Academy team will help you make money! Their bootcamps, coaching, training, and resources are excellent. I cannot recommend them enough! If you have a chance to get in the room with them, do it!”

Cody Askins
Founder of 8% Nation Wealth Conference

Registration includes you and a guest.

About Your Expert Instructors

Roger Short and John Wetmore have both been part of $60+ Million Companies.

Roger Short was a former partner of User-Friendly Media, a national advertising and publishing company founded in 2001. He is currently the President and CEO of Advance Team Partners, a life insurance marketing group, & Founder of the Life Insurance Academy and top-ranked Life Insurance Academy Podcast.

John Wetmore is a Managing Partner of Integrity Marketing Group, a leading independent distributor of life and health insurance products. John’s agency currently has over 1500 active monthly agents, writing over 8000 policies for 8 million dollars in annualized premium every month and growing.

Registration includes you and a guest.

Roger Short & John Wetmore

2-Day Growth & Scale Bootcamp with Roger Short & John Wetmore

At this Bootcamp, you will learn:

PLUS Special Bootcamp Bonuses Only Available to the First 10 Registrants!!


Registration includes you and a guest.

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