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"No Close" Final Expense Presentation Mastery Course

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Convert more leads

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You were promised a career of success and fortune. If you’ve been doing this a while, you may have experienced a glimpse of this before sales started to fizzle out. But now, you just keep burning through leads while getting stuck at the door or hit with objections. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have a system for you.

Become a top producing agent

We understand the hardships of the industry. We’ve been there personally and have helped thousands of agents get to the other side. By completing the “No Close” Final Expense Presentation Mastery Course, you will close more sales with confidence and ease.

Eliminate sales anxiety

You shouldn’t have to guess at what to say or reinvent the wheel with each sit or call. Learn & follow a system that has generated over 35,000 policies.

Build trust with prospects

We designed this presentation to continuously build trust with your prospects to prevent objections like we need to think about it.

Convert more leads

When you learn and follow this presentation, you will close more sales leading to a higher return on your weekly lead investment.

learn the why and the how of giving a "No Close" presentation

Take the guesswork out of your sales process by learning the principles that makes an effective presentation and page-by-page instructions on making the sale with a presentation.

The Benefits of Using a Presentation

Learn the key fundamentals that make a presentation valuable to your sales process, profitability, and growing your business.

How To Transfer Your belief to your prospects

Learn how to develop your belief statement and communicate it in a way that gains your clients attention and engagement.

Building trust in your presentation

Learn the two primary ways to develop trust and how the presentation builds on this foundation throughout the sale.

Identifying, Addressing, & Raising the stakes

Learn how to uncover the 3 levels of problems that insurance solves so you can raise the value and have your client asking you for coverage.

Providing Context & Clarity with options

Learn how to educate your clients on the actions they can take and how to present these options in a simple, understandable way.

Providing the solution & meeting the needs

Learn how to use the presentation to easily move you into a “No Close” close while addressing your clients final fears and meeting their needs.

"When they say "No Close" presentation, they truly mean it. If you follow the steps, build CORE, and educate the client, the sale will close itself. I encourage any agent - regardless of how long you've been in the business - to connect with the LIA team! It will be a worthwhile investment!

Hunter O.
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We've taught thousands of agents the same principles from these lessons that have closed over 35,000 sales.
$ 0 Million
The simplified, proven sales system taught in this course has generated over $22 million in agent income.

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No matter whether you’re just entering the industry or have been doing this for some time now, our Final Expense Life Insurance Sales course will teach you new perspectives and practices to grow your business.

Our 15-minute or less video lessons allow you to learn in bite-sized chunks so you can easily fit learning into your busy day.

Your investment in this course will pay for itself after your first sit when you apply the proven sales system that you learned from our team.


"No Close" Final Expense Presentation Mastery Course

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