Final Expense Underwriting Guide


Quickly determine the best carrier and products for affordable coverage based on your client’s health with this guide.

The Life Insurance Final Expense Underwriting Guide is a physical guide that is designed to help you feel more confident about the underwriting process.

This guide includes the most common underwriting factors for the top final expense carriers in the industry and powerful tools that will empower you to better serve your clients as you determine the best product for them.

These tools include:

  • Clear Underwriting Steps
  • Underwriting Considerations
  • Common Impairment List
  • Medical Definitions
  • Medications
  • Height and Weight Charts

Underwriting can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. When you confuse you lose. You lose clients and you lose sales. With this guide you will be more confident, cut through the confusing underwriting process and serve more clients.


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