The “No Close” Final Expense Presentation (Flipchart)


Sell more with purpose. The “no close” final expense presentation is designed to help you navigate your prospects uncertainty and apprehension to a clear logical purchasing decision.

The “No Close” Final Expense Presentation Flipchart is designed to help you close more sales. It is built on five fundamentals that if implemented, can help you close over 80% of your sales presentations. Your presentation includes these important features:

  • Built in belief statement to help you gain credibility with your prospective clients
  • Highlighted carrier & education section to help build trust
  • Engaging questions that help the client understand who and what is at stake
  • ​Clear and simple Options that lead to a “no close” closing process

Many agents lose sales because they haven’t learned a clear selling process that is designed to address the way that people think and make decisions. Most agents are just guessing and saying what they think the client needs to hear. Isn’t your career more valuable than a guessing game? The good news is that you do not have to keep guessing. You can get the presentation, implement the principles and start getting immediate results.


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