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You were promised a career of success and fortune. If you’ve been doing this a while, you may have experienced a glimpse of this before sales started to fizzle out. But now, you just keep burning through leads while getting stuck at the door or hit with objections. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have a system for you.

Failing in Sales and Business Should Not Be An Option

It feels like you have tried to figure it out yourself, but without the proper training and resources you are leaving everything to chance. You are not winning in business or sales because you depend on your limited experience to solve big problems, you confuse prospects and clients because you lack clarity and direction, and you have been afraid to invest financially in your personal growth and training. slot777

Learn from top producers

Our team has taught thousands of agents proven systems that have helped them produce over $25 Million in agent commisions. sbobet

Eliminate sales anxiety

You shouldn’t have to guess at what to say or reinvent the wheel with each sit or call. Learn & follow a system that has generated over 40,000 policies.

Convert more leads

When you learn and follow this process, you will close more sales leading to a higher return on your weekly lead investment.

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The Final Expense Presentation that has helped agents write over 35,000 policies and generate over $22 million in agent commissions.

It doesn’t feel good to leave a conversation with a prospect without a sale. It feels worse to not know why you didn’t get the sale. The “no close” final expense presentation takes the guesswork out of the sales process and helps you engage with your prospect on a whole new level. In this course you will learn the important five sales fundamentals that have increased agents closing rates to over 80%. Take your clients through a proven presentation that results in a natural close without really ever having to “sell”. Learn the five fundamentals, increase your closing rate, and become a top producer. joker123

The Proven Final Expense Sales Process from the Best in the Industry

Many agents fail because they do not have a clear system or process. They are just hoping that they can reach their goals by “winging it.” The Final Expense Start-to-Finish course brings clarity to focus to agents so that they can stop wasting time and sell more. In this course you will learn how to start your day, the best approach to leads, the right way to connect with clients, present products and follow-up.

How to Master Ethical Selling and Move People to a Better Place

92% of agents fail in the insurance industry. Many can’t sell because they simply do not understand the basic principles of influence. Those who fail unknowingly transfer their own poor personal understanding of sales to their potential prospects and the sale falls apart. The Principles of Influence in Selling Course offers agents a better understanding of the ethical influence of insurance sales and the tools that they need to be successful. In this course, you will learn 8 powerful principles that will help you get sales and become more profitable. 

How to Master Decoding Non-Verbal Communication in the Sales Process to Serve More Clients and Get More Sales

It is frustrating for agents to lose sales. It is even more frustrating to lose a sale because you missed clear signals that could have saved the sale. The good news is that there are clear signals, and you can master reading these signals to close more sales. In the Reading the Client Course, you will learn how to decode verbal and nonverbal messages from your prospective clients so that you can effectively serve your client and get more sales.

Proven Pricing Strategies that Will Help You Become More Confident, Write Business that Sticks, and Close More Sales

Confidence is king in sales. The value of confidence in yourself and your product cannot be overstated, but confidence in your sales process is what separates average sales people from the very best. Many agents learn to connect with their prospective clients and do a spectacular job in their client presentations, but fail in their sales process because they simply do not have a clear process for presenting prices to their clients. Potential clients become confused by the process and the sale is lost. In the Pricing Strategies Course, you will learn a valuable pricing process that will give you confidence and help you find a comfortable solution for your prospective client.

Mortgage Protection Telesales Mastery

The Mortgage Protection Phone Sales Process that produced 26 applications and $28,000 AP in one week!

Many agents feel like selling over the phone can be intimidating and with the investment in lead costs they feel like they cannot afford to take the risk of selling over the phone. The Mortgage Protection Tele-Sales Mastery Course is designed to help eliminate the fear of selling over the phone, help you become more confident, and make more money. In this course, you will learn what you need to get started, how to call your prospects, how to schedule appointments, what to say during a presentation, how to present available options, and how to close the sale. This mortgage protection phone sales process allows you to present solutions to more people, close more sales, and get your life back, all from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

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"When they say "No Close" presentation, they truly mean it. If you follow the steps, build CORE, and educate the client, the sale will close itself. I encourage any agent - regardless of how long you've been in the business - to connect with the LIA team! It will be a worthwhile investment!

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Our team has taught thousands of agents the same principles from these courses that have closed over 40,000 sales.​
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The simplified, proven sales system taught in these courses has generated over $25 million in agent income.​

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