Coaches in Cars “Oh Crap!” Field Training Video Booklet


A state of the art coaching tool that is providing agents all over the world immediate feedback to help them get unstuck and get more sales.

Coaches in Cars is your guide to getting unstuck and getting more sales. The Coaches in Cars “Oh Crap” guide is designed to immediately address those frustrating moments of ending a presentation without an application. We know what this feels like and have worked hard to create resources to address these moments. This guide addresses the 8 most common challenges that agents face when selling. 

To access this important coaching you simply: 

  1. Pick a topic 
  2. Focus your camera on the QR code & tap on the link 
  3. Watch the video 

Many agents fail because they don’t know how to address common challenges that seem difficult to overcome. Even worse, they carry the feelings of failure into the next sale because they do not have any feedback on how to improve.  With the coaches in cars “oh crap” guide you can immediately address sales failures, continue your day with confidence and get more sales. 


Booklet, Annual Subscription with Booklet


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