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One Thing You Simply Must Do To Win in Sales

Don't shoot the messenger!!!

I’m sorry, but you have been lied to.

If you are like me, someone along the way told you that selling was easy. Well, maybe they didn’t tell you that it was easy. They might have implied it, or just made it look easy. Well, if no one has told you yet, let me be the first to tell you…it isn’t.

I feel like it is my job to tell you the truth so that you can approach your career with the proper expectations.

The number one reason that people fail is because they do not have a good work ethic or they do not have the grit that is required to go through the sales learning curve. Maybe you can relate.

How many times have you almost quit? How many times did you cut out of making calls or knocking on doors early? If you are honest with yourself you would probably say tons.

Success is simple. It is hard, but it is simple.

Hard Work

Do you want success? Here is one thing that you must do to win in sales. Work hard. This seems obvious but someone has to say it! You are your number one employee.

If you are working on commission then you are your own boss. “Boss you” cannot be a pushover. As a matter of fact, “employee you” needs a butt kicking some days. “Boss you” and “employee you” have bills to pay. So who is going to go out and get the sales to pay the bills? You!

To find success in sales it requires numbers.

If you are failing it is not because you have a money problem. It is because you have a people problem. You simply are not seeing enough people. It takes work to get in front of people.

It is interesting that the insurance business is built on the principle of large numbers. If there are enough people in a risk pool then a company will be profitable but if there are not enough people then a company is at risk. The only spot where this principle is not valued is in the insurance world is with the agent.

Agents want to get the most pay with the least amount of work. They are looking for shortcuts. These shortcuts usually end up in shortages in personal growth and money.

What about you? Are you honest with yourself? Have you given yourself a chance to win?

We understand that it can be a challenge to buck up and commit to a new work schedule. Heck, most agents don’t even know where to begin. Maybe that is you.

At Life Insurance Academy, we understand. We have a saying around here, “success happens in community, failure happens in isolation.”

If you have a community, great! Utilize it! Maximize it! Be real and transparent with them about where you are in your work commitment. Ask for help!

If you don’t have a community and need coaching, we are here to help. Whatever you do:

  • Commit to a work schedule
  • Connect to a community
  • Work Hard
  • Change your life

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