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This month in our coaching program, we have been talking about attitude. Our theme for this month is vantage point. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a vantage point is a position or perspective from which something is considered or evaluated. 

Our vantage point can have a profound effect on our opinion about what we are seeing and perceiving. For example, I would hate Chicago if my only experience of visiting was standing in an alley with overflowing dumpsters in the middle of the night. My opinion of the city would be entirely different after visiting the Sears tower and one of it’s famous landmarks or pizzerias.

My emotions are entirely determined by my vantage point of the city. My limited perspective can determine how I feel about what I am seeing. This is true in all areas of our lives.

I learned this early on as a father. When my kids were younger, and shorter, I realized that it was difficult to show them things from my perspective. I either had to pick them up and put their head next to mine and point in a way that they could see down my arm or I would kneel down over their shoulder and point.

I had to improve their vantage point to see from my perspective. 

What is your vantage point about you, your opportunity, or your clients? What you believe about you, your opportunity, or your clients has a profound impact on you and your activity.

Your thoughts lead to ideas. Your leads lead to beliefs. Your beliefs lead to attitudes, and your attitudes determine your actions. So, if your vantage point is leading you to have negative thoughts and emotions about you, your opportunity, or your clients, then you simply need to find a different perspective so you can see the truth about those things.

Finding the truth is hard to do on our own.

It can be like visiting a large city for the first time and finding yourself in a dark alley. In most cases, we need someone who can see from a better vantage point…someone who can kneel down and point us in the right direction. That is what a good coach or mentor can do for you. Good books also help us to see the most important things from another perspective. 

What is your vantage point about you, your opportunity, or your clients? If you feel like you could use some help with your vantage point, we would be happy to connect. Sometimes the most important thing that you can do to see things from a better vantage point is to simply ask for help. 

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