Do The Thing And You Will Have The Power

This is for all the overthinkers out there.

I cannot tell you how many agents I have spoken with who unintentionally self sabotage their success by waiting to take action. What causes them to not take action?

In most cases, it is simply fear: Fear of Rejection, Fear of Failure, Fear of Growth, Fear of Change

Here is an example of not having the power:

I spoke with an agent who took the leap of taking his life test and starting a new career in final expense sales. He went through training and rode with several agents and witnessed the sales process. At this point, he was our most trained agent. Unfortunately he failed to launch. His issue was that he felt like he had to know every product, situation, objection, and rebuttal before he would take a chance on working in the field. It was painful to see him struggle, continuing to spin the scenarios in his head. He believed that he had to be perfect.

What he didn’t know or come to terms with is that perfection is the enemy of progress.

He needed to go out and fail. His failures would’ve taught him what he was desiring. What he didn’t realize was that if he was willing to do the thing, then he would have the power. 

Maybe you can relate to this agent? If so, maybe this will help.

Your current thinking has gotten you to this exact moment in time. It may be time to stop overthinking and take action. But if you are reading this as an overthinker I am guessing that you have some questions. 

What is the thing? The thing is the new thing that you have been afraid to do because you are afraid of being wrong, exposed, or rejected. 

What is the power? The power is learning and growing. It is the power to learn that there are no limits in your life. It is the power to take an idea and turn it into a thing. It is the power of creating a wonderful empowered life by making minor adjustments that lead to major changes. 

A wise philosopher named Seneca once wrote, “We suffer more in imagination than in reality.”

Do you know what you are capable of? Most people don’t, but I can promise you that you will never know if you do not do the thing. Go do it for an hour and see what happens. Build up a tolerance to action and you will begin to see how powerful you are. You will not be disappointed. 

1 thought on “Do The Thing And You Will Have The Power”

  1. Thanks for all these articles, it’s great just getting these small reminders to keep moving forward 👍🏼 Great content Chris! Thanks!!!!

    Hope your walks are still going👍🏼

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