The Truth About Rebuttals

First, before we get started, I have to address the elephant in the room.

Most agents care way too much about rebuttals. They spend all of their time and energy scouring the internet for magic words.

Most will dismiss the rebuttals that they do find, continue their online searches, and find themselves getting swallowed into marketing vortexes that will suck the money out of their pockets and the souls out of their bodies. Many will quit.

How is that for a starter?

Well, I truly want to help you.

Today, I’m going to be the magician that peels back the curtain and tells you how all the tricks work. You know, the magician that all of the other magicians hate.

That might get me uninvited to all of the marketing parties…but that is okay. I want you to know what actually works when dealing with objections. I want you to win! 

There are only three things that you need to pay attention to when it comes to a rebuttal: 

  • Nothing is a big deal unless you make it a big deal.
  • How you communicate is way more important than what you say.
  • Keep your favorite rebuttal in your back pocket and use it a lot.

That is it. If anyone tells you something different they are trying to sell you something.

So, here is the problem.

This seems way to simple for many agents. They will do exactly what I said earlier, they will feel like this is way too easy and keep looking for magic words. But spoiler alert…there are no magic words.

People buy from people they like and trust.

People buy from people who seem like they know what they are doing.

People buy from people who know how to lead people to a decision.

People do not buy from people who seem frazzled. People do not buy from people who wait for permission. People do not buy from people who seem lost and say “umm” 100 times during a presentation.

You get to decide which agent you are going to be…

The one who is confident and prepared or the one who is insecure and wings it.

The one who puts in the most work will win 100% of the time.

The reason you are most likely struggling with rebuttals is because you have not MASTERED your sales process.

How do I know this? I know this because the best salespeople do not get a lot of objections, or the objections that they do get seem like tiny little bumps in the road because of their preparation.

To the unpracticed, unprepared, insecure agent, objections seem like a police roadblock. Objections discourage them and shut them down.

The great news is that you get to decide which agent you are going to be. Objections will come…they are unavoidable, but is not hard to navigate objections. It just takes work, and the truth is, that most won’t do the work.

You get to decide if you will or you won’t. You get to decide if you win or lose. Be bold, take action, master your craft and win! 


EVERYONE NEEDS A COACH! If you would like to dive in and do the work we would like to help. We are excited to announce that on Feb. 24th and 25th, we’ll be offering a Game Changer Boot Camp in Raleigh, NC. This boot camp will help you master your sales process, become more confident, and make more money. If you cannot make it to Raleigh, we are also offering this bootcamp virtually! Seats are limited. Click here to register for this special event.

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