New England Patriots

Make your Fourth Quarter Count

Super Bowl 51 is arguably the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

The New England Patriots were the slight favorites to win but found themselves down by 25 points with 8:31 left in the third quarter.

25 points would seem like an insurmountable lead to most people, but if history has taught us one thing, it is to never bet against Tom Brady.

The Patriots went on to score on five straight drives including two successful two point conversions. The game went into overtime and Tom Brady found James White in the endzone for the win.

What can this comeback teach us? It teaches us that the game isn’t over until it is over.

2021 may be wrapping up, but your entire life can change in a quarter if you are willing to put in the preparation and do the focused work to win.

Here are some things that you need to do in order to make the fourth quarter of 2021 a winning quarter for you…

Set your goals and commit to the activity

The entire sales industry is built on the idea of large numbers. This means that the more people that you have in your program, the less risk there is for the company and the policy holders.

Insurance companies want to build distribution to make more money and minimize risk. The law of large numbers is much like the law of gravity. It is something that you can count on. This is true for sales and recruiting. If you sell more, you make more money and limit the risk of chargebacks. When you hire, you make more money and limit the risk of rolled up chargebacks. 

If the law of large numbers is true then why do we see so many agents try to limit their opportunity by not buying enough leads to produce the income they are hoping to accomplish?

Agents think that they are mitigating the risks of financial loss by not investing in leads while in reality they are not giving themselves a fighting chance to see enough people to get past the learning curve of sales.

The same is true for agents who are building an organization. You have to talk to people and extend the opportunity to get past the tire kickers and people who will never launch. There are high producers out there waiting for someone like you who will extend an opportunity, but you need to start finding ways to have conversations about what you do with a lot of people to find the right people. Set your goals and do the work that needs to be done to reach them. 

Measure sales activity

Frank Betger, Zig Zigler, and Brian Tracy are all sales giants and they all say the same thing: tracking your numbers is one of the most important things that you can do.

Tracking your numbers will always tell you the truth about your activity, areas of growth, and the income that you can expect.

Here are some things that you can immediately start tracking: 

  • The number of leads that you are working 
  • The number of people you call or door knock 
  • The number of sales presentations that you do 
  • The number of sales that are generated

Tracking these numbers will expose growth areas for you. Commit to this for thirty days and I promise that you will see an improvement in your sales process. But remember, the only way that this works is if you commit to it! 

Being efficient is a big win

If you speak to any high performance athlete about a specific moment when they performed at a high level they will tell you that the moment was only possible because of their preparation.

They practiced their gametime situations hundreds and hundreds of times. Their performance was based on muscle memory not on luck.

Isn’t it interesting how the luckiest sales people are almost always the highest performers? The people who put in the time and effort before performance time always find a way to win. Monday is performance day, but many agents treat Monday as prep-time. They print their leads on Monday, they start making calls on Monday, they do administrative work on Mondays.

Monday is “get in front of people” day. It is sales presentation day. It is closing sales day.

Work smart and maximize your time. Give yourself a chance to win by prepping over the weekend, make your calls and set your appointments, print your leads, route your leads, and go see people.

It is the fourth quarter. There are no more excuses. The scoreboard will reveal what kind of performer you are at the end of year. Forget what happened in the first quarter. Your time is now and it is time to make it count. The clock is ticking. You have what it takes. Don’t ever question that. If you are willing to commit to your goals, measure your activities and work efficiently, you will win your fourth quarter!

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