The Greatest Contributor to Your Success

Your greatest contributor to your own success is your imagination. 

92% of agents fail in insurance sales because they simply cannot imagine what it looks like for them to be successful, or even the steps it takes to achieve success. 

Success begins in the mind. Every major invention began in someone’s mind. The lightbulb, the automobile, the Iphone: all of these breakthroughs begin in someone’s mind. They saw it and as they shared the vision with people who could help them build it, they saw the process. It all began in their mind. They executed on the vision they saw in their head. 

The same is true for us. We can achieve whatever we can imagine. In his book Psycho-cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz shared a story about helping a friend coach at a pitching academy. The goal was to help students get their fastball over 90 MPH. The coach said to Maxwell, ““When an athlete is within a few miles per hour of the Promised Land (90 miles per hour), crossing the line is more mental than physical.”

According to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, “after I taught these athletes a number of mental imagery and relaxation exercises, they were able to relax their bodies and hit 90 for the first time. Afterward, their self-images usually adjusted to the rate of velocity and hitting 90 was no longer difficult. Eighteen months after implementing the Psycho-Cybernetics techniques, the number of players who broke 90 miles per hour at Randy’s facility skyrocketed from 18 to 98.” 

The baseball players improved their speed by practicing in their minds. They would imagine throwing a pitch, make an adjustment and then throw again; all in their mind. Repeating this mental exercise increased their speeds dramatically, and in studies was as effective as the physical act of throwing.

Agents fail because they are not willing to do the mental work that is required. They do not practice approaches, objections, or rebuttals. When they finish their day of sales calls they call it a day. The agents who are successful will do whatever it takes. They imagine their goals, they imagine sales scenarios, and the role-play. Role-playing is the act of imagining for the purpose of improvement. What about you? What are you doing to improve? Are you where you want to be? Do you do the mental work before you do the physical work? If not then take 30 minutes each day and imagine your future. Imagine what you are fighting for and what you will feel like when you achieve it. Then imagine the scenarios that you will run into for the day and practice what you need to say. My mentor used to tell me to, “see what you say so that you see what you say.” He would challenge me to say out loud what I was envisioning in my mind. This is the  work before the work.  If you can do this then you will unlock more sales by unlocking your mind. 

If you have any questions about your sales, leads, or your business we would love to hear from you. To us, there is simply no such thing as a dumb question. We may have the answer for you but if we do not we will find it with you. You can connect with us at or any of our social channels or you can reach us at [email protected].

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