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A Clear Path to Success and Significance

My family and I recently began hiking in National Parks. We set out on one of our first hikes with little gear and unclear expectations of what lay ahead of us. We believed that the path we were on would remain wide and clear so we did not pay much attention to the map that we brought. 

The path, however, did not remain wide and clear. It wasn’t long before we were wandering in some pretty challenging areas. There was tension and there were nerves. After some time spinning the map and pointing in several different directions, we were finally able to navigate the challenges of the trail. We found our bearings and made it out unscathed.

As we were walking out of the trail, I noticed a giant billboard with the following words in bold print…

“Whether you’re on a casual stroll or a thru-hike of this trail, it’s essential to plan and prepare!”

I wish I had paid attention to the sign and the warnings about the risks of the trail before we started our hike. I’m sure we would have prepared differently.

Our hike reminded me of a quote by Zig Zigler, “don’t be a wandering generality, be a meaningful specific.”

Many insurance agents make the mistake of approaching their business as if they are wandering through a park, while in reality, they are embarking on a dangerous path.

Here are some tips to finding success and becoming a “meaningful specific”:


When you are setting goals, set goals that mean something to you. What matters to you? How will your life be different if you achieve them? If your goals are irrelevant then you will not put in the work to achieve them. If you have a burning desire to accomplish something that matters to you, then you will do whatever it takes to win. 


There is a large learning curve for insurance agents entering the sales force. There are a lot of opportunities in insurance sales and the information and processes can be dizzying. It is mission-critical for new agents to decide what path they are going to take and begin planning what their weekly income-generating activity will be.

Your plan should include weekly prospecting, presentations, and sales. How many leads do you need to generate? How many presentations? How many sales? These are all important questions. Knowing your weekly numbers and creating an activity plan is the only way to find a clear path to success. 


What is the biggest difference between being a wandering generality or a “meaningful specific”? Action is the one thing that produces results. Relentless action in a specific direction. If you are entering the insurance industry, do it with focus, courage, and a propensity towards action. 

If you feel like you are wondering on your trail, we would love to help. At Life Insurance Academy, we help agents and business owners all over the country with coaching and courses to help them win. If you would like to learn more, check out our courses and upcoming events at the top of this page.

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